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List by research field(Communication/Network engineering)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Cai DongshengFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorCommunication/Network engineering, Aerospace engineering, Educational technology, Space and upper atmospheric physics - Cluster/Paralllel Computing, 並列計算, Large Scale Computation, Space Weather, Virtualization, Nonlinear Sciences, Fractals, Color Sciences, Art and Media, 宇宙観測, ナノテクノロジー, 共感覚
Ebihara TadashiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorNaval and maritime engineering, Communication/Network engineering, Measurement engineering -
Katagishi KazukiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorCommunication/Network engineering, Mathematical informatics, Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics - Fluency Information Theory, High precision media codings for energy-saving, network security, network management, new hyperfunctions for multimedia signals, Contents Oriented New Generation Network Technologies
Makino ShojiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorPerceptual information processing, Communication/Network engineering - Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Media Information Processing, Brain Machine Interface, Brain Information Processing, Biological Information Processing, Bioinformatics
Nagamori MitsuharuFaculty of Library, Information and Media ScienceAssistant ProfessorCommunication/Network engineering, Library and information science/ Humanistic social informatics - Information, Digital Library, Metadata, Semantic Web
Shinjo YasushiFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorSoftware, Communication/Network engineering - Operating Systems, Systems Software, Security, Distributed Systems, Concurrent Systems, Virtual Systems, Decentralized Social Networking Service
Shouno KazuhiroFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorCommunication/Network engineering - Filter Theory, Complex Filter, Integrated Circuit
Suzuki TaizoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorCommunication/Network engineering - Media Signal Processing, Image and Video Processing, Compression, Perceptual Encryption, Information Hiding, Sparse Representation, Filter Banks/Wavelets, Lifting, Boundary Problem
Zhang YongbingFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorCommunication/Network engineering -