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Matsusaka Satoshi

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Career history
2015-10 -- 2018-05がん研有明病院 消化器内科 がん研究所蛋白創製研究部兼任 医長
2013-10 -- 2015-09南カリフォルニア大学 腫瘍内科 ポスドクフェロー
2012-02 -- 2013-09がん研有明病院 消化器内科 医長
2006-04 -- 2012-01がん研有明病院 化学療法科 医員
2004-04 -- 2006-03山形大学 医学部医学科環境病態医学分野 助教
2002-04 -- 2003-03神戸大学 医学系研究科機能ゲノム学分野 COE研究員
2000-04 -- 2002-03宝塚市立病院 外科 医員
1994-04 -- 2000-03兵庫医科大学 第一外科 医員
Other articles
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  • A Feasibility Study of Capecitabine and Oxaliplatin for Patients with Stage II/III Colon Cancer -ACTOR Study.
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  • Prognostic Value of ACVRL1 Expression in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Receiving First-line Chemotherapy With Bevacizumab: Results From the Triplet Plus Bevacizumab (TRIBE) Study.
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  • A phase I study of S-1 in combination with nab-paclitaxel in patients with unresectable or recurrent gastric cancer.
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  • Detection of KRAS Mutations in Plasma DNA Using a fully Automated Rapid Detection System in Colorectal Cancer Patients.
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  • Detection of HER2 Amplification in Circulating Tumor Cells of HER2-Negative Gastric Cancer Patients.
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  • Predictive value of TLR7 polymorphism for cetuximab-based chemotherapy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
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  • Prognostic impact of FOXF1 polymorphisms in gastric cancer patients.
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