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Zhu Yi

Faculty of Business Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Room 314, 3K
Research fields
Cultural anthropology
Research keywords
Business Ethnography, cross-cultural management, globalization
Research projects
国民文化と異文化経営の関連性:日本における中国企業を事例に2016 -- 2018朱 藝Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)3,250,000Yen
「日本式」サービス精神の継承と伝播における課題:小売業で勤務する外国人労働者の「声」を中心に2016 -- 2018朱藝異文化経営学会/2016年度研究助成
Implementation of corporate culture and its reproduction process: case of a Japanese retailer’s management philosophy in China2014-09 -- 2015-09ZHU YiThe Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation/Research Fund
Store culture and stability of talent: Case study of Uniqlo in China and Hong Kong2014-09 -- 2015-03ZHU YiKyushu University/Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development
Career history
2017-10 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Business Sciences Assistant Professor
2015-04 -- 2017-09University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Assistant Professor
2014-04 -- 2015-03Kyushu University Faculty of Arts and Science Assistant Professor
Academic background
2009-09 -- 2013-03The University of Hong Kong
2007-04 -- 2009-03The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Science Department of Area Studies
2003-04 -- 2007-03Aichi Prefectural University School of Foreign Studies Department of French Studies
2014-12Doctor of Philosophy (Japanese Studies)The University of Hong Kong
2009-03MA (Area Studies)The University of Tokyo
2007-03BA (Foreign Studies)Aichi Prefectural University
Academic societies
2016-04 -- (current)American Anthropological Association
-- (current)Transcultural Management Society
Honors & Awards
2012-04Resona Bank Awards for Japanese Studies
2010-04Resona Bank Awards for Japanese Studies
  • AV辭典:窺探日本AV文化
    Zhu Yi
  • 中国における外資系小売企業の経営戦略―カルフールとイトーヨーカ堂の比較を中心に
    朱 藝
    日本言語文化研究シリーズ4, 2011-09
  • 誰是AV女優:自瀆商品原材料的生成
    Zhu Yi
    日本AV女優:女性的物化與默化, 2012
  • 中国的经营风土与家乐福的中国本土化
    Zhu Yi
Conference, etc.
  • Language, Ideology, and Cross-cultural management: Cases of Japanese managers in Hong Kong and the United States
    Zhu Yi
    AJJ Fall Meeting/2017-12
  • Reexamination of Cultural Superiority: Negotiating the Meaning of “Japaneseness” in a Cross-cultural Workplace
    Zhu Yi
    Third Global Creative Industries Conference/2017-09
  • 自民族中心主義の再考:海外における日系・中国系企業の比較を中心に
    Zhu Yi
  • Business Anthropology and its Implications
    Zhu Yi
    AJJ Fall Meeting/2016-11
  • Corporate system and its implementation: Lessons from a Japanese company
    Zhu Yi
    115th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association/2016-11
  • 企業エスノグラフィー研究から見た日本企業:人類学者と経営学者の対話に向けて
    朱 藝
  • 異文化経営の再考:企業エスノグラフィー研究からの示唆
    朱 藝
  • Brand building and reinterpretation of its meaning: Case of a Japanese fashion giant in Hong Kong
    Zhu Yi
    The annual conference of Society for East Asian Anthropology/2016-06
  • Anthropological study on Japanese management: Issues and perspectives
    Zhu Yi
    AJJ Spring Conference 2016/2016
  • Employee motivation at clothing retail store: Implications from anthropological study on management
    Zhu Yi
    Second Global Creative Industries Conference 2016/2016-03
  • (Problems of “Japanese” training system in 6 overseas Japanese companies: Focus on the “voice” of local young employees
    朱 藝
    The 45th annual conference of Japan Society of Human Resource Management/2015-08-29--2015-08-30
  • Reinventing Japanese Business: The Case of Uniqlo
    Zhu Yi
    2015 AAS‐in‐ASIA Conference/2015-06-22--2015-06-24
  • The Founder Legacy and Globalization of a Japanese Apparel Firm
    Zhu Yi
    The 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES)/2013-08-05--2013-08-10
  • Become a "Real" Global Company -Management in a Japanese fashion retailer in Hong Kong
    朱 藝
    The Young Scholar Workshop on Creativity of Business and Cultural Practices/2013-03-27--2013-03-28
  • 香港における「日本式」管理法の適応性について
    朱 藝
    Japan New Business Conferences (JNB)香港訪問/2012-12-02
  • The Changing Face of a Japanese Fashion Company in Hong Kong
    朱 藝
    First International Conference of Business Anthropology/2012-05-17--2012-05-20
  • 日系アパレル企業の「現地化」
    朱 藝
  • Management Principles by Uniqlo in HK: Ideal and Reality
    朱 藝
    International Symposium of Constitute, Transfer and Inheritance of Management Philosophy by Asian Companies/2011-11-05--2011-11-06
  • International Symposium of Constitute, Transfer and Inheritance of Management Philosophy by Asian Companies
    Zhu Yi
    Second International Forum on Business and Anthropology (IFBA)/2011-07-29--2011-07-31
  • Comparative Study on the Management Strategies of Foreign Retailers in China
    Zhu Yi
    Third International Conference for Postgraduate Students/2011-01-7--2011-01-09
  • 中国における外資系小売企業の経営戦略 ―カルフールとイトーヨーカ堂の比較を中心に
    朱 藝
  • A Study on the Localization of Human Resource Management (HRM) by Ito-Yokado in China
    Zhu Yi
    First International Forum on Business and Anthropology (IFBA)/2010-07-23--2010-07-25
  • Management Strategy by Foreign Retailers in China
    Zhu Yi
    Second International Conference for Postgraduate Students/2010-01-05--2010-01-07
  • 中国における外資系小売企業の企業文化について ―カルフールの人的資源管理の現地化を中心に
    朱 藝
2017-10 -- 2018-02Research Workshop for Public Policy IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2018-02Special Seminar on East Asian Society and Culture IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-04 -- 2017-08Special Seminar on East Asian Society and Culture IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2018-02Research Workshop for Public Policy IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2018-03Overseas Study IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2018-02Research Project for Public Policy IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12East Asian Society and Culture IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-04 -- 2017-07East Asian Society and Culture IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12English Discussion Seminar (D)University of Tsukuba.
2017-04 -- 2017-07Seminar FUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2016 -- (current)Tsukuba-UBC Global Leaders ProgramUniversity of Tsukuba
2016-11 -- 2016-12じんるいがくカフェ人文社会系
2016-06 -- 2016-06出前講義茨城県立並木中等教育学校
2015-08 -- 2015-08オープンキャンパス(国際総合学類)筑波大学
2015-10 -- 2015-10出前講義石巻高等学校
2014-08 -- 2014-08Joint-seminar between Kyushu University and Fukuoka Board of EducationFukuoka Board of Education
University Management
2016-04 -- (current)G30運営委員会
2016-04 -- (current)スポーツデー運営委員会
2015-04 -- (current)国際交流委員会

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