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Kubota Yusuke

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Research keywords
syntax, semantics, mathematical linguistics, categorial grammar
Research projects
論理文法と構成的動的意味論の統合2015 -- 2017窪田 悠介Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)3,900,000Yen
2010-03Ph.D.Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University
Honors & Awards
Conference, etc.
  • ツリーバンク検索への「UNIX的」アプローチ
    窪田 悠介
  • From Keyaki to ABC: A treebank conversion project
    窪田 悠介
    Second Collaborative Project Meeting of the NPCMJ Project/2017-11-04
  • Using a parsed corpus for linguistic research: A case study on the Coordinate Structure Constraint in Japanese
    Kubota Yusuke
    Exploiting Parsed Corpora: Application in Research, Pedagogy, and Processing/2017-12-09--2017-12-10
  • FraCaS meets transformational grammar
    Kubota Yusuke
    Unshared Task at LENLS 13: Theory and System analysis with FraCaS, MultiFraCaS and JSeM Test Suites
  • デモンストレーション
    Kubota Yusuke; Kubota Ai; Butler Alastair
    日本言語学会第153回大会 ワークショップ「統語・意味解析情報付き日本語コーパスの構築に向けて」
  • Ellipsis and syntactic information
    Kubota Yusuke
    LAGB 2016
Other educational activities
2015-07 -- 2015-07LSA Summer Institute 2015, instructorUniversity of Chicago
Other activities
2018-01 -- 2018-03Robert Levine教授レクチャー「カテゴリ文法入門」 `Introduction to Categorial Grammar' (筑波大学) 企画・運営
2018-01 -- 2018-06Organizer for 'Seminar in Linguistics'. University of Tsukuba. (co-organized with Masaharu Shimada)
2018-05 -- 2018-05Organizer for Workshop `Using treebanks for linguistic research' ELSJ Spring Forum. Hokkaido University. Sapporo.
2018-03 -- 2018-03Organizer for Workshop on Conceptual and Methodological Alternatives in Theoretical Linguistics. University of Tsukuba. (co-organized with Masaharu Shimada)
2016-11 -- 2016-11Organizer for the Workshop 'Unshared Task at LENLS 13 (Theory and System analysis with FraCaS, MultiFraCaS and JSeM Test Suites)'. NINJAL, Tokyo. (co-organized with Alastair Butler, Koji Mineshima, Ai Kubota and Daisuke Bekki)
2016-10 -- 2016-10Organizer for the Workshop 'New landscapes in theoretical computational linguistics Workshop'. Ohio State University. (co-organized with Bob Levine)
2015-08 -- 2015-08Organizer for the Workshop on Empirical Advances in Categorial Grammar. ESSLLI 2015 (co-organized with Bob Levine)
2015-10 -- 2015-10Organizer for the Workshop 'Dynamic Semantics: Modern Type Theoretic and Category Theoretic Approaches'. Ohio State University (co-organized with Bob Levine and Carl Pollard)
2015-11 -- 2015-11ICRセミナー「視点が関わる表現の解釈をめぐって」企画・司会
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