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Maeda Osamu

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Birth date
Humanities and Social Sciences Building B703
Research fields
Research keywords
West Asia, Near East, Neolithic, Lithics, Archaeological Theory
Research projects
社会変化の「速度」から解く先史時代人類史2016-04 -- 2019-03前田 修日本学術振興会/科研費挑戦的萌芽研究3,510,000Yen
分析考古学による西アジア先史時代石器利用の研究(国際共同研究)2016-03 -- 2017-03前田 修日本学術振興会/科研費国際共同研究加速基金(国際共同研究強化)5,720,000Yen
西アジア先史時代における工芸技術の研究2015-04 -- 2017-03Yutaka MIyake文部科学省/科研費新学術領域研究(研究領域提案型)900,000Yen
分析考古学による西アジア先史時代石器利用の研究2013-04 -- 2016-03前田 修Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科研費基盤研究(C)4,940,000Yen
中近東先史時代における石材交易の社会的意義 -交易からみた集落間関係の形成について-2005-10 -- 2006-09前田 修松下国際財団/松下国際財団研究助成500,000Yen
中近東の先史時代における初期社会統合システムの出現に関する研究2003-04 -- 2004-03前田 修日本科学協会/笹川科学研究助成700,000Yen
地中海東岸地域における先史時代の交易と社会変容の経済考古学的研究2000-04 -- 2002-03前田 修Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科研費特別研究員奨励費2,000,000Yen
Career history
2014-07 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Humanities and Social Sciences Lecturer
2016-02 -- (current)University of manchester 芸術・言語・文化学部 Visiting Researcher
2014-11 -- 2015-10University College London Institute of Archaeology Visiting Researcher
2013-10 -- 2014-03University of Tsukuba 人文社会科学研究科 Part-time lecturer
2012-10 -- 2014-06Ancient Orient Museum Part-time researcher
2012-12 -- 2014-06University of Tsukuba 人文社会系  Part-time researcher
2012-04 -- 2014-03Cyber University 世界遺産学部 Visiting lecturer
2012-04 -- 2012-09Tokyo Gakugei University 教育学部 Part-time lecturer
2010-07 -- 2012-11University of Tsukuba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 非常勤職員
2009-04 -- 2011-03University of Tsukuba 人文・文化学群人文学類  Part-time lecturer
Academic background
2003-04 -- 2009-10University of Manchester 人文学部 芸術・歴史・文化学研究科博士課程Completed
1999-04 -- 2003-03University of Tsukuba 歴史・人類学研究科後期博士課程Accomplished credits for doctoral program
1996-04 -- 1999-03University of Tsukuba 歴史・人類学研究科前期博士課程Completed
1992-04 -- 1998-03University of Tsukuba 第一学群 人文学類Graduated
2009-10Ph.D.University of Manchester
Licenses and qualifications
Academic societies
2018-02 -- (current)European Association of Archaeologists
2014-11 -- (current)British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology
  • Lithic analysis and the transition to the Neolithic in the upper Tigris valley: recent excavations at Hasankeyf Hoyuk
    Maeda Osamu
    Antiquity/92(361)/pp.56-73, 2018-02
  • イギリスの大学における考古学研究環境
    前田 修
    考古学ジャーナル/711/pp.33-35, 2018
  • Geographic mosaics and changing rates of cereal domestication
    Allaby Robin G; Stevens Chris; Lucas Leilani; Maeda Osamu...
    Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences/372(1735), 2017-12
  • 交易ネットワークの形成:新石器時代における黒曜石・海産貝類の流通
    Maeda Osamu
    季刊考古学/141/pp.41-44, 2017-10
  • Preference for fish in a Neolithic hunter-gatherer community of the upper Tigris, elucidated by amino acid δ15N analysis
    Y. Itahashi; Miyake Y.; Maeda O.; O. Kondo; H. Hongo; W. ...
    Journal of Archaeological Science/82(1)/pp.40-49, 2017-05
  • Narrowing the harvest: Increasing sickle investment and the rise of domesticated cereal agriculture in the Fertile Crescent
    Maeda Osamu; Lucas Leilani; Silva Fabio; Tanno Ken-Ichi; ...
    Quaternary Science Reviews/145(226-237)/pp.226-237, 2016-06
  • A hunter-gatherer life in a sedentary village
    Maeda Osamu; Hongo Hitomi; Tanno Ken-ichi
    Actual Archaeology Magazine/53/pp.41-47, 2016
  • 展示品紹介 鎌刃石器
    前田 修
    Oriente/47/pp.2-4, 2013
  • New Excavations at Hasankeyf Höyük: A 10th millennium cal. BC site on the Upper Tigris, Southeast Anatolia
    Y. Miyake; Maeda O.; Tanno K.; Hongo H.; Gundem C.Y.
    Neo-Lithics/12(1)/pp.3-7, 2012
  • 2009年の歴史学界-回顧と展望-西アジア・北アフリカ(古代オリエント)1
    前田 修
    史学雑誌/119(5)/pp.278-282, 2010
  • 西アジア新石器時代における黒曜石研究の新展開
    前田 修
    西アジア考古学/11/pp.67-79, 2010
  • サラット・ジャーミー・ヤヌ遺跡(トルコ共和国)発掘調査概報:2004-2008年
    三宅裕; 前田 修; 田尾誠敏; 本郷一美; 吉田邦夫
    『筑波大学先史学・考古学研究/20/pp.75-112, 2009
  • 石器のマテリアリティ -西アジア新石器時代における黒曜石の意味と役割について-
    前田 修
    オリエント/52(1)/pp.1-26, 2009
  • The Early PPNB in the North Levant: A New Perspective from Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria
    Tsuneki A.; Arimura M.; Maeda Osamu; Tannno K.; Anezaki T.
    Paleorient/32(1)/pp.47-71, 2006
  • Early PPNB between the Euphrates and Cyprus: the Excavations at Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria
    Tsuneki A.; Tanno K.; Anezaki T.; Arimura M.; Maeda Osamu
    Orient Express/2004(4)/pp.93-95, 2005
  • Flint Axes and Neolithic Debitage in the Prehistory Collection in Aleppo Museum, Syria
    Maeda Osamu; Yamazaki Y.; Arimura M.
    Neo-Lithics/04(2)/pp.26-30, 2004
  • A Large Obsidian Core from Tell el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria
    Maeda Osamu
    Neo-Lithics/03(1)/pp.1-3, 2003
  • 西アジア先土器新石器時代石器研究者連絡会 第4回大会
    前田 修
    西アジア考古学/4/pp.125-126, 2003
  • 書評: The Archaeological Investigations on the Upper Euphrates, Syria, Vol.1
    常木晃; 前田 修
    オリエント/45(1)/pp.210-219, 2002
  • Akarçay Tepe 2000
    Arimura M.; Balkan-Atli N.; Borell F.; Cruels W.; Duru G....
    Anatolia Antiqua/8/pp.227-256, 2000
  • Fourth Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (2000), Northwestern Syria
    Tsuneki A.; Hydar J.; Miyake Y.; Maeda Osamu; Odaka T.; T...
    Fourth Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (2000), Northwestern Syria/21/pp.1-36, 2000
  • 西アジア先史時代の黒曜石交易と石器製作活動
    前田 修
    筑波大学先史学・考古学研究/11/pp.1-24, 2000
  • Third Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (1999), Northwestern Syria
    Tsuneki A.; Hydar J.; Miyake Y.; Hudson M.; Arimura M.; M...
    Bulletin of the Ancient Orient Museum/20/pp.1-32, 1999
  • 青森県下北郡脇野沢村瀬野遺跡発掘調査概報
    石井淳; 内山幸子; 川口武彦; 前田 修
    筑波大学先史学・考古学研究/8/pp.79-106, 1997
  • “Behind all those Stones”: Activity and Society in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent.
    Matthews R.; Richardson A.; Maeda Osamu
    Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Volume 2., Harrassowitz Verlag, pp.377-390, 2018-04
  • Experimental implications for flint heat treatment at Hasankeyf Hoyuk
    Maeda Osamu
    Raw materials exploitation in Prehistory: sourcing, processing and distribution, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.601-612, 2017-09
  • The Origins of Agriculture
    Tanno Ken-ichi; Maeda Osamu
    Ancient West Asian Civilization: Geoenvironment and Society in the Pre-Islamic Middle East, Springer, pp.87-98, 2016-08
  • 西アジアにおける新石器化をどう捉えるか
    前田 修
    ホモ・サピエンスと旧人3 -ヒトと文化の交代劇, 六一書房, 2015
  • 初期定住集落の姿を探る: トルコ、ハッサンケイフ・ホユック遺跡2014年度の調査
    三宅 裕・前田 修・アブドゥセラーム ウルチャム
    考古学が語る古代オリエント 第22回西アジア発掘調査報告会報告集, pp.20-25, 2015-03
  • 西アジア考古学の実践と現代社会 -ヘゲモニー、ナショナリズム、アイデンティティ
    前田 修
    西アジア文明学への招待, 悠書館, pp.260-271, 2014
  • Cultural Affinities and the Use of Lithics during the 8th to 7th Millenia Cal. BCE in the Northern Levant and Northern Mesopotamia
    Maeda Osamu
    Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia, Brepols, pp.267-276, 2013
  • Excavations at Salat Camii Yani 2004-2008
    Miyake Y.; Maeda Osamu; Tao M.
    The Ilisu Dam and Hep Project Excavations. Seasons 2004-2008, pp.48-70, 2013
  • 新石器時代(1)
    前田 修
    西アジア考古学講義ノート, pp.19-22, 2013
  • The State of the Stone: Terminologies, Continuities and Contexts in Near Eastern Lithics.
    E. Healey; S. Campbell; O. Maeda
    ex oriente, 2011
  • Akarçay Tepe 2002 Yılı Çalışmaları
    Akman M.; Arimura M.; Balkan-Atli N.; Cruells W.; Duru G....
    Salvage Project of the Archaeological Heritage of the Ilisu and Carchemish Dam Reservoirs Activities in 2002, Volume I., pp.157-183, 2011
  • The Social Roles of the Use of Flint and Obsidian Artefacts at Salat Cami Yanı in the Upper Tigris Valley
    Maeda Osamu
    The State of the Stone: Terminologies, Continuities and Contexts in Near Eastern Lithics, ex oriente, pp.317-326, 2011
  • 石器利用が進める新石器化の一様相
    前田 修
    農耕と都市の発生-西アジア考古学最前線-, 同成社, pp.83-98, 2009
  • Meanings of Obsidian Exchange and Obsidian use at Akarçay Tepe
    Maeda Osamu
    La diversite des systemes techniques des communautes du Neolithique pre-ceramique: vers la caracterisation des comportements sociaux 5e colloque international sur les industries lithiques du Neolithique pre-ceramique, Editions APDCA, pp.245-254, 2007
  • Akarçay Tepe - 2001 Season
    Balkan-Atli N.; Duru G.; Ibanez J.; Maeda Osamu; Miyake Y...
    Salvage Project of the Archaeological Heritage of the Ilısu and Carchemish Dam Reservoirs, Activities in 2001., TAÇDAM, pp.227-250, 2004
  • Prehistoric Obsidian Distribution in the Rouj Basin
    Maeda Osamu
    Archaeology of the Rouj Basin: A Regional Study of the Transition from Village to City in Northwest Syria, Vol.I., pp.167-184, 2003
  • Akarçay Tepe 2000
    Balkan-Atli N.; Borell F.; Buxo R.; Duru G.; Ibañez J.J.;...
    Salvage Project of the Archaeological Heritage of the Ilısu and Carchemish Dam Reservoirs. Activities in 2000., TAÇDAM, pp.287-318, 2002
  • Chipped and Ground Stone Artifacts
    Maeda Osamu
    Excavations at Tell Umm Qseir in the Middle Khabur Valley, North Syria, pp.86-107, 1998
  • Halaf Chipped Stone Industry of Tell Umm Qseir
    Maeda Osamu
    Excavations at Tell Umm Qseir in the Middle Khabur Valley, North Syria, pp.189-196, 1998
  • Other Objects
    Maeda Osamu
    Excavations at Tell Umm Qseir in the Middle Khabur Valley, North Syria., pp.161-163, 1998
Conference, etc.
  • Provenancing obsidian: a perspective from the Near East Majority and minority sources
    Healey Elizabeth; Campbell Stuart; Maeda Osamu
    11th International Symposium on Knappable Materials, “From toolstone to stone tools”/2017-11-7--2017-11-12
  • 西アジア先史時代の黒曜石交易
    前田 修
  • 石器から見る穀物栽培の発展過程
    前田 修
  • The lithic assemblage from Hasankeyf Höyük: a continuity of the hunter-gatherer tradition.
    Maeda Osamu
    Sedentism, Subsistence and Societies in Neolithic Anatolia: New Insights from Hasankeyf Hoyuk/2017-03-22--2017-03-23
  • Use of sickle blades and cereal crops in the Fertile Crescent: a quantitative approach.
    Maeda Osamu
    8th Conference on PPN Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of the Near East./2016-11-23--2016-11-27
  • Deliberately inefficient: technological practice of flint heat treatment at Neolithic Hasankeyf Höyük
    Maeda Osamu
    10th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East/2016-04-25--2016-04-29
  • Flint heat treatment practice at the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site of Hasankeyf Höyük, southeast Turkey
    Maeda Osamu
    Raw Materials Exploitation in Prehistory: sourcing, processing and distribution/2016-03-10--2016-03-12
  • Technological failure in lithic Production: a case of flint heat treatment
    Maeda Osamu
    Immersed in Lithics/2016-02-25--2016-02-26
  • 人文社会学における論文業績評価を見据えた国際共著論文執筆の意義: 考古学における事例
    前田 修
    第22回 ICRセミナー/2016-01
  • Hunter-Gatherers or Farmers? Early Neolithic lithic technology in southeast Turkey
    Maeda Osamu
    Seminar at the Institut für Orientalische und Europäische Archäologie/2015-10-28--2015-10-28
  • Another chronological view of the use of lithics in the early Neolithic on the upper Tigris
    Maeda Osamu
    Borders, Transitions and Connections. British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology annual meeting/2015-01-09
  • The life of hunter-gatherer in a sedentary village: a view from the recent excavations at Hasankeyf Höyük, south-eastern Turkey
    Maeda Osamu
    Archaeology Research Seminar, University of Manchester/2015-03-17
2017-04 -- 2017-08Readings in Archaeology IaUniversity of Tsukuba.
2013-10 -- 2014-03中東・中央アジア研究特講V筑波大学
2012-10 -- 2014-03世界遺産学卒業研究(2)サイバー大学
2012-04 -- 2013-09世界遺産学卒業研究(1)サイバー大学
2012-04 -- 2013-03西アジア地域研究サイバー大学
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2009-04 -- 2010-03物質文化研究法筑波大学
2009-04 -- 2010-03考古学特講V筑波大学
  • 古代西アジア1万年前の世界へ -遺跡と遺物が語る文明以前の人と社会
    前田 修
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2018-04 -- (current)人文社会系研究推進室室員

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