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Cai Dongsheng

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  • Formation and Stability of Polarization sheats of a cross-field beam
    Cai; D.; and O. Buneman; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids B (Impact Factor = 2.325)/B4/p.4, 1992-01
  • Fractal Dimension and Convergence Property of Recursively Generated Symplectic Integrators (共著)
    Itoh; T.; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Letter.(Impact Factor = 1.711)/A171(3-4)/p.189-198, 1992-01
  • Formation and stability of polarization sheaths of a cross– field beam
    Cai; D.; and O. Buneman; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids(Impact Factor =2.325 )/B4(10)/p.1033–1046, 1992-01
  • The numerical computation of zeros of Bessel function Jν(z) regarded as a function of ν for any given real of complex z (共著)
    Ikebe; Y.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; D. Cai; and I. Fujishiro
    Proceedings of 15th Biennial Conference of Numerical Anaylsis/p.20-21, 1993-01
  • シンプレクティック離散パンルヴェ方程式とその離散ハミルトニアン
    伊藤利明; 蔡東生
    応用数理学会論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.302)/3(4)/p.337-351, 1993-01
  • 非負実数階第一種ベッセル関数の零点計算アルゴリズム
    菊池靖; 浅井信吉; 宮崎佳典; 蔡東生; 藤代一成; 池辺八洲彦
    応用数理学会論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.302)/3(4)/p.425-437, 1993-01
  • Parametric excitation of computational mode of the leapfrog scheme applied to the Van der Pol equation (共著)
    Cai; D.; A. Aoyagi; and K. Abe; ; +蔡 東生
    J. Comput. Phys.(Impact Factor = 2.372)/107(1)/p.146-151, 1993-01
  • Particle simulation of the kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in a magnetoplasma
    Cai; D.; L. R. O. Storey; and T. Itoh; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids(Impact Factor =2.325 )/B5(10)/p.3507-3523, 1993-01
  • Particle loading for a plasma shear layer in a magnetic field
    Cai; D.; L. R. O. Storey; and T. Neubert; ; +蔡 東生
    J. Comput. Phys.(Impact Factor = 2.372)/107(1)/p.84-97, 1993-01
  • Data paralleization of particle-in-cell code
    Cai; D.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; Y. Ikebe; and T. Itoh; ; +...
    Proceedings of Joint Symposium on Parallel Processing 1994/p.265-270, 1994-01
  • L-reps : a drafting-oriented approach to unambiguous and precise design of 3d mechanical products
    Takayama; T.; I. Fujishiro; Y. Ikebe; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive Geometry/p.177-181, 1994-01
  • Symplectic integrable mapping and discrete Painleve equations
    Itoh; T.; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Lett. A(Impact Factor = 1.711)/189/p.19-24, 1994-01
  • Fractal image compression using locally refined partitions
    Cai; D.; T. Arisawa; N. Asai; Y. Ikebe; and T. Itoh; ; +...
    Fractals(Impact Factor = 0.532)/2(3)/p.405-408, 1994-01
  • Infintie matrices and special functions (Solicited and Invited).
    Ikebe; Y.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of the International Workshop on Inverse Problems with Applications to Geophysics, Industry, Medicine and Technology/p.100-105, 1995-01
  • A data-parallel particle-in-cell code using a scan-vector model(electrically displayed at /cai/SC95/SC95.html),
    Cai D.
    Supercomputing '95 final program/p.168, 1995-01
  • L-reps:2次元ディスプレイ上で3次元ピンポイントを可能にする2次元指向幾何変換モデル (共著)
    高山毅; 藤代一成; 蔡東生; 池辺八洲彦
    図学研究/(67)/p.3-15, 1995-01
  • A skelton data-parallel particle-in-cell code using HPF/MPI
    蔡 東生
    Supercomputing '96 final program/p.119, 1996-01
  • 行列算法によるzJ'ν(z)+HJν(z)=0の数値解法 (共著)
    浅井信吉; 宮崎佳典; 蔡東生; 平沢一紘; 池辺八洲彦
    電子情報通信学会論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.508)/J79-A(7)/p.1256-1265, 1996-01
  • The eigen-value probelm for infintie complex symmetric tridiagonal matrices with application (共著)
    Y. Ikebe; Asai; N.; Y. Miyazaki; and D. Cai; +蔡 東生
    Linear Algebra Appl.(Impact Factor =6.702)/241(3)/p.599-618, 1996-01
  • Data parallel particle simulation
    Cai D
    Proceedings of the fifth international school symposium for space simulations/p.353-356, 1997-01
  • Adaptive block partitioning in Fractal Image Compression
    蔡 東生
    Proceedings of IEEE TEN-CON '97/p.565-568, 1997-01
  • Matrix methods for the Numerical Solution of zJ'ν(z)+HJν(z)=0
    Asai; N.; Y. Miyazaki; D. Cai; K. Hirasawa; and Y. Ikebe
    Electronics and Communications in Japan (Impact Factor = 0.119)/80(7)/p.44-54, 1997-01
  • Visualizing Magnetic Field Topology in the Magnetotail us-ing TRISTAN code
    Cai D.
    Proceedings of International Conference of Numerical Simulation of Plasmas 98/p.64–67, 1998-01
  • The Eigen-value Problem for Infinite Matrices : New Area of Application of Numerical Linear Algebra (共著)
    Y. Ikebe; Y. Kikuchi; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; D. Cai
    Proceedings of Fourth IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computation (honoring Professor David M. Young), 1998-01
  • Mathieu微分方程式の逆固有値問題
    蔡 東生
    応用数理論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.302)/8/p.199-222, 1998-01