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  • "Prospects for Cooperation and Integration in Central Asia through the lenses of Waterand Territorial Management",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Central Eurasian Studies Council, June 23, Tokyo, Japan./2011-07-23
  • "Notion of Nostalgie in Central Asia: Memories of Socialist Life Style and Ideology",.
    Timur Dadabaev
    4-th Central Asian Studies Conference, Asia-Pacific Center, Hanyang University, June 30, Seoul,Korea/2011-07-30
  • "Russian and Chinese others’in the perceptions of the CA countries within ShanghaiCooperation Organization",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Int’l Conference on SCO 10th anniversary, July 8-11, Shanghai, China./2011-07-10
  • “Methodology of Field Research in Central Asia”
    Timur Dadabaev
    Swedish-Indian Summer School,MAIKAS, September 6-9, India/2011-09-06
  • “Ethnic policies and Soviet identity in Central Asia”
    Timur Dadabaev
    European Association of CentralAsian Studies Conference, Cambridge University, September 23./2011-09-23
  • "Memory of unveiling campaigns and its evaluation in CA",
    Timur Dadabaev
    St Anthony’s College,Oxford University./2011-09-24
  • “Establishing Research-focused University Curriculum: Lessons from the University of Tsukuba”
    Timur Dadabaev
    Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi/2011-10-28
  • “Regional Integration and Eurasian Regionalism”
    Timur Dadabaev
    Kazakh National University namedafter Al-Farabi, Department of International Relations./2011-11-03
  • “Research Methodology and Academic Writing in International Relations”
    Timur Dadabaev
    Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Center for Postgraduate Training/2011-12-23
  • "International Relations in Central Asia"
    Timur Dadabaev
    International University of Japan, Niigata/2012-05-14
  • "Eurasianism and Identity Formation in Central Asia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Workshop"Eurasianism: Ideas and its implications in Central Asia", Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul,Istanbul, Turkey./2012-05-31