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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
International relations
Area studies
Research keywords
International Relations
Central Eurasian Politics
Japanese Foreign Policy towards Central Asia
Research projects
対中央アジア政策の日中比較2015 -- 2017DADABAEV TimurJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)4,680,000Yen
中央アジアにおけるソ連時代の記憶:過去と現在の照射2012-04 -- 2017-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (KAKENHI)1,000,000Yen
中央アジアにおける国際関係の形成とその課題:水・領土問題にみる地域統合の展望2011 -- 2012Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)4,550,000Yen
記憶の中のソ連時代:中央アジア地域研究のための映像資料作成の試み2009 -- 2010Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)6,630,000Yen
モンゴル・中央アジアにおける社会主義的近代化に関する比較研究2009 -- 2014Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(A)1,014,000Yen
中央アジア社会の持続性:ウズベキスタンの近隣コミュニティ(マハッラ)の実態調査 2007 -- 2008Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)3,750,000Yen
中央アジアにおける民族間対話の仕組み2005 -- 2007Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)1,400,000Yen
中央アジアの民族間共存2002 -- 2004Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/特別研究員奨励費1,300,000Yen
Career history
2018-04 -- 2019-03Columbia University Harriman Institute Visiting Scholar (JSPS Grant for the Promotion of International Research)
2016-04 -- 2019-03Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University Visiting Associate Professor
2016-09 -- 2017-12East Asia Institute (South Korea) Visiting Fellow
2010-03 -- 2010-08Columbia University Hariman Institute Visiting Scholar (JSPS Dispatch Grant)
2006-09 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Associate Professor Graduate School of Social Sciences&Humanities
2006-10 -- 2016-03University of Tokyo Adjunct Associate Professor Grad. Sch. of Human.and Sociology
2006-07 -- 2007-03University of Cambridge Jesus College Visiting fellow (Tokyo Foundation Grant)
2006-04 -- 2006-07Oxford Center for Islamic Studies Imam Al-Bukhari Visiting Fellow
2006-04 -- 2007-03University of Tokyo Adjunct Associate Professor Inst. of Oriental Cult
2004-04 -- 2006-03University of Tokyo Institute of Oriental Culture Associate Professor
Academic background
1998-04 -- 2001-03Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, Division of International StudiesCompleted
1996-04 -- 1998-03Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, Division of International StudiesCompleted
1995-10 -- 1996-03Osaka University of Foreign Studies Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language Japanese LanguageCompleted
1993-02 -- 1995-06University of World Languages English PhilologyGraduated
1991-09 -- 1995-06University of World Economy and Diplomacy Faculty of International RelationsGraduated
2001-03Ph.D.Ritsumeikan University
1998-03MARitsumeikan University
1995-06Bachelor of ArtsUniversity of World Economy and Diplomacy
1995-06Bachelor of ArtUniversity of World Languages
Honors & Awards
2017-07-21The Daido Life Foundation Area Studies Prize AwardFor outstanding contribution to the studies of Post-Socialist politics in Central Asian societies
2016-02-17Best Faculty Member Awardconcurrently for 2 fields: Teaching and Research
2015-12-7Best Young Scientist of Faculty of Social Sciences Award
2009-06-08UNESCO's 60th Anniversary Medal Award
2003-06-24Prime Minister Sato Eisaku Grand Prize Award,
1995-05-30First Prize Dissertation Award
  • 2018 "Japanese and Chinese Infrastructure Development Strategies in Central Asia", Japanese Journal of Political Science (Cambridge University Press) (accepted, forthcoming)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Japanese Journal of Political Science, 2018-09
  • 2018 "The Chinese economic pivot in Central Asia and its implications for Post-Karimov re-emergence of Uzbekistan", Asian Survey, 58:4 (July/August 2018), (University of California Press) (accepted, forthcoming)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Asian Survey, 2018-08
  • "Uzbekistan as Central Asian Game Changer? Uzbekistan’s Foreign Policy Construction in the Post-Karimov era", Asian Journal of Comparative Politics (SAGE), 1-14
    DADABAEV Timur
    Asian Journal of Comparative Politics/p.1, 2018-05
  • 2018 “Engagement and Contestation: The Entangled Imagery of the Silk Road,” Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies (London: Veruscript), 2018, 2
    DADABAEV Timur
    Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies (London: Veruscript)/2/pp.1-14, 2018-01
  • 2018 “Silk Road” as foreign policy discourse: The construction of Chinese, Japanese and Korean engagement strategies in Central Asia, Journal of Eurasian Studies 9 (2018) 30–41, (Elsevier)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Journal of Eurasian Studies 9 (2018) 30–41/9/pp.31-40, 2018-01
  • "The Constructivist logic of Uzbekistan's foreign policy in the Karimov era and beyond"
    DADABAEV Timur
    Central Asian Survey (Uzbekistan Forum and Virtual Special Issue) (Taylor and Francis)/pp.1-4, 2016-09
  • Soviet Memory in post-Soviet Central Asia
    DADABAEV Timur
    近現代中央アジアにおけるイスラームの展開/pp.31-37, 2017-03
  • "Evaluations of Perestroika in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Public Views in Contemporary Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan"
    DADABAEV Timur
    Communist and Post-Communist Studies (Elsevier)/49(2)/pp.179-193, 2016-06
  • “Water-resource Management in Central Asia: A Japanese Attempt to Promote Water Resource Efficiency”, 2016.
    DADABAEV Timur
    Journal of Comparative Asian Development (Francis and Taylor),/15(1)/pp.64-90, 2016-01
  • "Japan’s ODA Assistance Scheme and Central Asian Engagement: Determinants, Trends and Expectations"
    DADABAEV Timur
    Journal of Eurasian Studies, (Elsevier)/7(1)/pp.24-38, 2016-01
  • “'We want a state of our own!': Reconstructing Community Space in Bordering Areas of Central Asia"
    DADABAEV Timur
    The Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies/2(2)/pp.31-54, 2015-07
  • "China-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Russia-Tajikistan”
    DADABAEV Timur
    Border Disputes: A Global Encyclopedia (Volumes 1-3)/pp.775-785, 2015-07
  • Religiosity and Soviet “Modernization” in Central Asia: Locating religious traditions and rituals in recollections of anti-religious policies in Uzbekistan"
    DADABAEV Timur
    Religion, State and Society/42(4)/pp.328-353, 2014-12
  • On Oral History of the Soviet Past in Central Asia: Re-Collecting, Reflecting and Re-Imagining (forthcoming).
    DADABAEV Timur
    Historiography and National-Building among Turkic Populations/5, 2014-04
  • Prospects for Alternative Energy Development Policy in Kazakhstan: The Case Study of Wind Power Development (with Asemgul Naurzbaeva)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Globalization, Development and Security in Asia./3(2)/pp.159-180, 2014-4
  • The Role and Place of Oral History in Central Asian Studies.
    DADABAEV Timur
    UI Papers/13/pp.1-7, 2014-03
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Regional Identity Formation From thePerspective of the Central Asian States
    DADABAEV Timur
    Journal of Contemporary China/23(85)/pp.102-118, 2014-01
  • Chinese and Japanese Foreign Policies towards Central Asia from a Comparative Perspective
    DADABAEV Timur
    Pacific Review/27(1)/pp.123-145, 2014-01
  • Community Life, Memory and a Changing Nature of Mahalla Identity in Uzbekistan
    DADABAEV Timur
    Journal of Eurasian Studies/4(2)/pp.181-196 , 2013-07
  • Japan's search for its Central Asian policy: Between idealism and pragmatism
    DADABAEV Timur
    Asian Survey/53(3)/pp.506-532, 2013-06
  • Recollections of Emerging Hybrid Ethnic Identities in Soviet Central Asia: The case of Uzbekistan
    DADABAEV Timur
    Nationalities Papers/41(6)/pp.1026-1046, 2013-04
  • Securing Central Asian Frontiers: Institutionalization of Borders and Interstate Relations inPost-Soviet Central Asia
    DADABAEV Timur
    Strategic Analysis/Vol. 36,(No. 4, July)/p.554-568, 2012
  • The Evolution of the Japanese Diplomacy towards Central Asia since the collapse of theSoviet Union
    DADABAEV Timur
    OSCE Yearbook 2011: Yearbook on the Organization for Security andCo-operation in Europe (OSCE),Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg/IFSH,/Vol. 17,/p.pp.441-458, 2012
  • Between the State and Society: Position of Mahallas in Uzbekistan
    DADABAEV Timur
    Eurasia Twenty Years After (Anita Sengupta,Suchandana Chatterjee, S. Bhatacharya eds.) , pp. 153-171, Delhi: ShipraPublications, (ISBN : 9788175416390)./p.pp. 153-171,, 2012
  • Power, Social Life, and Public Memory in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
    DADABAEV Timur
    Inner Asia/12/pp.25-48, 2010-07
  • Social Capital Construction and Governance in Central Asia: Communities and NGOs in post-Soviet Uzbekistan (NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2017)(共編著)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Palgrave Macmillan, 2017-05
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan: Life and Politics during the Soviet Era (Co-edited with Hisao Komatsu) (Co-edited with Hisao Komatsu)(NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2017)(共編著)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Palgrave Macmillan, 2017-02
  • Japan in Central Asia: Strategies, Initiatives, and Neighboring Powers (NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2016)
    DADABAEV Timur
    NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016-01
  • Identity and Memory in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Uzbekistan's Post-Soviet Past (London/NY: Routledge, Taylor and Francis 2015)
    DADABAEV Timur
    Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2015-08
  • International Relations in Central Asia (University of Tokyo Press 2014)
    DADABAEV Timur
    University of Tokyo Press, 2014-02
  • Central Eurasian Studies: Past, Present and Future (Istanbul: Maltepe University 2011)
    Hisao Komatsu; Sahin Karasar; Timur Dadabaev; Guljanat Ku...
    Istanbul: Maltepe University, 2011
  • Remembering Soviet Past: Everyday Life in Soviet Central Asia, Tokyo: University of Tsukuba Press/Maruzen, 300 pp.
    Tsukuba University Press, 2010-12
  • Shyakaishyugigo no Uzbekistan: Kawaru Kuni to Hitobito no Yureru Kokoro (Uzbekistan in Post-Socialist Era: Changing Country and People's Trembling Hearts)Chiba: Institute of Developing Economies
    Chiba: Institute of Developing Economies, 2008-07
  • Yakudo suru Ajia no Shinnen to Kachikan, (Values and Life Styles in Striding Asia)(Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten 2007)
    猪口孝; 田中明彦; 園田茂人; ティムール・ダダバエフ; +DADA...
    Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten, 2007-07
  • Maharra no chitsuzou: Chuou Ajia no bunka to shyakai no henyou
    University of Tokyo Press, 2006-03
  • Human Beliefs and Values in Striding Asia (Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten 2006)
    Takashi Inoguchi; Akihiko Tanaka; Shigeto Sonoda; Timur D...
    Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten, 2006-01
  • Values and Life Styles in Urban Asia (Mexico City: SIGLO XXI Editors 2005)
    Takashi Inoguchi; Miguel Basanez; Akihiko Tanaka; Timur D...
    Mexico City: SIGLO XXI Editors, 2005-03
  • Human Beliefs and Values in Striding Asia (Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten 2005)
    猪口孝; ミゲル・バサネズ; 田中明彦; ティムール・ダダバエ...
    Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten, 2005-01
  • Towards Post-Soviet Central Asian Regional Integration: A Scheme for Transitional States (Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten 2004)(単著)
    Timur Dadabaev
    Tokyo: Akashi Shyoten, 2004-02
  • Towards Post-Soviet Central Asian Regional Integration (立命館大学 2001)
    DADABAEV Timur
  • Political Factors of Economic Reforms in Japan (立命館大学 1998)
    DADABAEV Timur
2017-10 -- 2017-12Seminar on Central Eurasian Studies III-BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12Seminar in Eurasian Cultural Exchange IIBUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12Cultural Exchange in Eurasia AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-11 -- 2018-02Seminar in Eurasian Studies 4AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12Cultural Exchange in Eurasia IIBUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12International Relations in Eurasia BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-12 -- 2018-02Special Seminar on Central Eurasian Studies IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-10 -- 2017-12International Relations in Eurasia AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-04 -- 2017-07Seminar on Central Eurasian Studies III-AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2017-12 -- 2018-02Topics in Central Eurasian Studies VUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2013-03 -- 2017-03DAAD・筑波大学・チュービンゲン大学の連携による中央ユーラシアに関するパートナシップ取りまとめ責任者ドイツ学術交流会(DAAD)・筑波大学
2010-04 -- 2014-03人文社会科学研究科グロバル30取りまとめ責任者国際地域研究専攻
  • "Central Asian Regional Integration and Transboundary Water Cooperation"
    Timur Dadabaev
    235th GLOPE Workshop:War and Peace in Eurasia、Waseda University, Building 3, Room2,January31./2008-01-31
  • "Central Asian Regional Identity: Problems and Challenges",
    Timur Dadabaev
    IIST Central Eurasian StudiesCommittee Symposium、Session 2: Central Asian Identity, Kasumigaseki Building, Gold StarRoom, February 4./2008-02-04
  • "Trans-boundary Water Management in Aral Sea Basin: Realities, Challenges andPerspectives",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Seminar on Aral Sea Problem, Its Impact on Gene Pool of Population, Flora and Fauna and Measures on its Mitigation, JICA Plaza, Tokyo, June 10./2008-07-10
  • "Currents and Challenges of Localism in Central Asia: The Case Studies of Uzbekistan andTajikistan"
    Timur Dadabaev
    Seminar with the Project on Studies of Asian Living Environment and the Role of Japan, Keio University Fujisawa Campus,Bulding 11, June 28./2008-06-28
  • "Values and Perception Change in Central Asia: Case study of Uzbekistan",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Summer Courses of the Institute of Developing Economies: Course 2, The Present State of Central AsianCountries, July 15, 2008, JETRO Tokyo Headquaters Bulding, F5, ABCD Rooms./2008-07-15
  • "Methodological and Conceptual Aspects of an Oral History Project in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Workshop "Central Asian History–Vision and Revision", Departmentof South and Central Asian Studies, Stockholm University and Museum of Ethnography,Stockholm, October 1-2./2008-10-02
  • "Trauma, Public Memory and Identity in Central Asia"
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference "Nakba Revisited: Memories and Histories from a Comparative Perspective", University of Tokyo,Institute of Oriental Culture, December 12./2008-12-12
  • "Power, everyday life experiences and public memory in post-Soviet Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Workshop "Oral Histories of Socialist Modernities: Memories andLived Experiences in Central and Inner Asia", Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Universityof Cambridge, December 16-17./2008-12-16
  • "Migration, Border, and Citizenship in Central Asia", International Conference "Resurgenceof Russia and the Future of Eurasia-Views from the East.",
    Timur Dadabaev
    First East Asian Conference for SlavicEurasian Studies, February 5-6, Slavic Research Center, University of Hokkaido/2009-02-05
  • "Extremist Organizations, Their Structures and Support in Central Asia: Extremist Expansionand Governmental Responses"
    Timur Dadabaev
    Invited talk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo, March 6./2009-03-06
  • "Memory of the past and post-Soviet Central Asian Societies: Continuity and the change inKyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan"
    Timur Dadabaev
    Eurasian Studies: Past, Present and Future, Joint InternationalConference organized by the Maltepe University (Turkey), University of Tokyo, and theUniversity of Tsukuba, Maltepe University, Eurasian Studies Center, March 18/2009-03-18
  • "Shanghai Cooperation Organization in International Politics of Central Eurasia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Symposium on the SCO and the EU in Comparative Perspective, University of Stockholm, Sweden, May 5./2009-05-05
  • "Legacy of Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and Central Asian Research: the Case of CentralAsian Graduate Studies",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Ceremony to Honor the Memory of PM Keizo Obuchi, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, June 8./2009-07-08
  • "Institutionalization of Borders and National Identity in Post-Soviet Central Asia: The Casestudies of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Council for Asian Studies Annual Conference 6, Daejon, South Korea, August 6./2009-08-06
  • "Migration Studies as Discipline and Central Asian Case Study".
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Symposiumon International Cooperation on Central Asian Migration, Toyama Univ./ANA Plaza, Sept. 13/2009-09-13
  • 2009 "Survey Research in Post-Soviet Central Asia"
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference on "Formation of Civil Society in Uzbekistan: conditions, achievements and prospects", Institute for the Studies of Civil Society (ISCS), Uzbekistan, September 22-23./2009-09-22
  • "Water Management and Interstate Relations in Central Asia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    UNESCO Chair Workshopon International Strategy for Sustainable Groundwater Management: Transboundary Aquifers andIntegrated Watershed Management, University of Tsukuba, October 6./2009-10-06
  • "Conceptualizing Central Asian Studies in Japan and Central Asia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    InternationalConference on "Emerging area studies and research environments in Sweden", STINTFoundation, City Conference Centre, Norra Latin, Stockholm, November 6./2009-11-06
  • "Regional Cooperation and Interstate Relations in Central Asia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    EU Central Asia PolicyWorkshop, Madrid, OPEX, Spain, March 5./2010-03-05
  • "Reflections on Experiences of Socialist Era in Soviet Central Asia: Oral Sources andArchival Photo-Documents"
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference on "Ideals, Narrations and Practices of Modernities in Former and Current Socialist Countries", National Museum of Ethn., March 19./2010-03-19
  • "Chinese and Japanese Foreign Policies towards Central Asia in Comparative Perspective",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Int’l Congress of East and Central European Studies, Nora Laden Hall, Stockholm, July 29/2010-07-29
  • "What is post-Socialist in Post-Soviet Islam",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference on Post-Socialism, Tokyo International Forum, October 16 ./2010-10-16
  • "Phenomenon of Nostalgia in Central Asia: The cases of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan",
    Timur Dadabaev
    Cambridge Central Asia Society, University of Cambridge, November 23/2010-11-23
  • "Kazakhstan in the Changing International Environment ",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference onInternational Relations in Central Asia,Kazakh National University, Almaty, December 16-17./2010-12-16
  • "Nostalgia and Memories of Soviet times in Central Asia",
    Timur Dadabaev
    International Conference of Islamic Area Studies, Kyoto International Conference Hall, December 18-19./2011-12-19
University Management
2010-03 -- 2014-04人文社会科学研究科国際地域研究専攻グロバル30取りまとめ責任者
2013-03 -- 2017-03DAAD・筑波大学・チュービンゲン大学の連携による中央ユーラシアに関するパートナシップ取りまとめ責任者
2011-04 -- 2014-03筑波大学出版会運営・編集委員会委員
2010-06 -- 2014-04中央アジア事務所運営委員会委員
2011-04 -- 2014-03国際地域研究専攻運営委員会委員
2011-04 -- 2014-03G30全学連絡会委員

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